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Tricia Sandstrom, RN, WWCP

Some call me 'The Feisty One' of NurseWorks Northwest.
How did it all start? I wanted to stand apart from the competition with absolute integrity and an openness to hear my clients. I wanted to keep costs low in order to prevent adding to these complicated, already inflated claims. So I started this business providing an independent, cost-effective service, with a vision of setting an industry standard and therefore putting us far in front of my opponents. How do I get things done? If it's not organized, not well thought out and/or not communicated, it's not part of my world. I take projects head on and won't rest until there is resolution. Some people call it type A; I like to call it my reality. How do I find sanity? When I'm not working I'm cycling or running with my 17-year old, I'm sailing the great blue sea with my fella.

Denice M. Loken, RN, BSN

They call me 'The Articulate One.' With high standards and a commitment to excellence, I strive to provide the best service to clients and develop a plan that works.  I am dedicated to working hard to meet the unique needs of each case.  My integrity and optimistic demeanor will keep you smiling!  When not working diligently on a case, I enjoy running, downhill skiing and spending time with my husband and three active boys.

Kelly T. Howard, RN, MSN

They call me "The Investigative One." When given a complicated case, I say "Bring it on!" I love being able to use my clinical nursing skills and inquisitive personality to make sense of some of the most complex medical cases. Asking tough questions and getting answers is what I do. Our clients rock!, and I enjoy the challenge of working with injured workers and their healthcare professionals to facilitate a timely and successful return to work plan. When I'm not working, I have fun rock-climbing, snowboarding, and exploring the Northwest with my husband and 2 boys.

So there you have it--working hard to bring resolution to all of your difficult claims!