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Tricia Sandstrom, RN, WWCP

Some call me 'The Feisty One' of NurseWorks Northwest. How did it all start? I saw a disconnect between Injured Workers, Employers, and Healthcare Providers. I saw Employees frustrated by not understanding their industrial diagnosis or how to navigate their L&I claim. I saw even more frustrated Healthcare Providers inundated with L&I forms. And most, I saw Employers frustrated by the ever rising costs of their Workers Compensation claims. So I started this business providing an independent, cost effective service, with a vision of alleviating all of these frustrations. How do I get things done? If it's not organized, not well thought out, or not communicated, it's not my world. I take projects head on and I won't rest until there's resolution. Some people call it Type A; I call it my reality. How do I find sanity? When I'm not working, I'm cycling, running, hanging out with my super cool college kid, and sailing the great blue sea with my fella. .

Denice M. Loken, BSN, RN, WWCP

They call me 'The Articulate One.' With high standards and a commitment to excellence, I strive to provide the best service to clients and develop a plan that works.  I am dedicated to working hard to meet the unique needs of each case.  My integrity and optimistic demeanor will keep you smiling!  When not working diligently on a case, I enjoy running, downhill skiing and spending time with my husband and three active boys.

Rachel Brown, RN

I am 'The Tireless One.' I work and I play HARD. I am goal-oriented, which means I am determined and motivated. My background in Case Management and my work in the community has allowed me to build relationships with various Healthcare Providers. This equates to successful treatment and return to work plans. Aside from my career in nursing, I am an avid long-distance backpacker, runner and climber. I recently returned from thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.


Tonja Campbell, BSN, RN, WWCP

I am 'The Quiet One.' I take it all in by studying the situation to determine the appropriate game-plan. I see the disruption that results from the work place injury, and the effect that it has on employees and employers. I seamlessly assist everyone affected by the injury/illness by seeing the injured worker through the rehabilitation process. I am a resource, a liason, and a coach for both the injured worker and the employer. I get great satisfaction seeing the injured worker succeed in a return-to-work plan, so they can lead a healthy and productive life. In my free time I enjoy hiking, climbing, triathlons, and chasing after my energetic kids!


So there you have it--working hard to bring resolution to all of your difficult claims!